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We Believe In the Value of Business Networks
We believe in the value of business networks, but today those networks are hidden from view. Existing online platforms focus on individuals, or suggest that companies operate in isolation from one another. But in reality, every company is part of an ecosystem of interconnected businesses. That's why we're creating Briolink, to bring that ecosystem to life and enable every business to showcase their connections. In doing so, firms will create an opportunity for themselves to leverage the value locked inside the many relationships they have with past and present customers,suppliers, partners and all other stakeholders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy

Founder and President

Andrey Kunov, Ph.D.

Serial entrepreneur; 20+ years of global business experience in tech and innovation; Founder of Silicon Valley Innovation Center; Founder of US-Russia Global Technology Symposium; Board of Directors for National Agency for Technological Development; Executive Director; Ph.D. from Stanford University; Master's Degree from Stanford, New Castle and EU

VP of Marketing

Victoria Mensch

25+ years of marketing experience in high tech; VP of Marketing and Operations at Silicon Valley Innovation Center; former Senior Director of Product Marketing at SAP; Product Marketing at MIPS; MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

VP of BisDev

Vlas Lezin

12+ Finance and technology experience at Goldman Sachs, Well Fargo Capital Markets; COO at Silicon Valley Innovation Center; Co-Founder of largest Eastern European Financial Education Company SF Education; Adjunct Professor of Finance at University of Utah School of Business; Master of Finance from University of Utah

Director of Product

Anton Perminov

10+ years of analytical and research experience at Intellectus Partners, LLC and Cannel Capital LLC evaluating investment potential of companies across different sectors. Master's in Mathematics from Moscow State University and International Business Diploma in Business Administration from UC Berkeley

Director of Engineering

Sergey Zaburunov

25+ Years Experience in Software Development; 12+ Years Experience in Software Architecture and Project Management across different industries. Master's degree in Physics

Director of Research

Kapa Lenkov, Ph.D.

25+ years of academic and industry research in molecular and behavioral biology; Chief Science Officer at Silicon Valley Innovation Center; Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Hospital On Mobile; Science editor; B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology, U.C. Berkeley; Ph.D. in Behavioral Epigenetics, Stanford University.

Project Manager

Irina Shpet

7+ years of project management experience; 5+ years in financial analysis in major global investment institutions; Program Director at Silicon Valley Innovation Center; MBA from Silicon Valley University; International Diploma in Business Administration from UC Berkeley; Master's in Economics, Finance and Security Markets from Higher School of Economics

Front-end Developer

Elena Chesnokova

Seasoned front-end developer responsible for implementing visual elements of Briolink that users see and interact with. Elena excels in collaboration and working in development teams across the globe.

Senior Developer

Max Seshuk

Talented developer with broad set of skills in backend integration and design and unique focus on user experience

User Experience Designer

Alex Verstak

Passionate designer with intuitive understanding of user behavior and top notch skills in translating user needs into superb designs.

Web Developer

Alexey Balushkin

Multifaceted web developer equally proficient in a variety of front-end and back-end technologies. Alexey bring years of development experience across a variety of enterprise software projects to Briolink.

Front-end Developer

Denis Nikonov

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