Discover Qualified Investments For Your Innovation Agenda
What Is Deal Sourcing?
Corporations seeking innovation in the startup ecosystem face an overabundance of potential partners. To narrow down this crowded field, these corporations need deal sourcing. A discipline requiring a varied set of skills and resources, deal sourcing identifies only those early-stage companies that are genuinely ready to receive capital and which align with a corporate investor’s strategic interests.

By sourcing and closing on the right deals, an organization will gain access to emerging technologies, new products and other assets of value to delivering on an innovation agenda. This dynamic has the power to turn established companies into innovation leaders and insulate them from startup-led industry disruption.
Why Work With Us?
The Predictive Power Of Global Network
Innovation Ecosystem
We are able to offer our corporate clients a robust pipeline of investment opportunities sourced especially to meet their specific strategic and financial requirements.

Extensive Partner Network

With an extensive partner network that includes startups, venture capitalists, technologists and thought leaders, we learn before others about disruptive market trends.

Unique Knowledge
We use that knowledge to curate deals that further your innovation goals and provide a basis for long-term survival and growth.
Online Work Ready
There is no need for you to travel to Silicon Valley. We are your partner in the ecosystem, sourcing and presenting to you the best, most relevant deals. Fully online and remote-work ready, we will accelerate your path to innovation without the red tape.
When you engage us in deal sourcing, we offer a range of deliverables to match your firm’s goals and ambitions.
  • A disciplined approach to deal sourcing that locates only tailored investment opportunities
  • Executive briefings to learn more about emerging technology solutions and the startups behind them
  • A robust pipeline of deals for placement of capital to further your strategic innovation agenda
  • Reverse roadshows, connecting potential investors to startups
  • Due diligence, deal structuring and a host of related investment advisory services
  • Q&A and thought leadership sessions with our industry and innovation experts
Our Network
An Extensive Network To Source Bespoke Deals
Our Partners
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