Raise Funds Efficiently
Access Top Investors And Grow Your Startup At Speed With Global Expertise

Why VC Fundraising?
If you want your startup to grow big and grow fast, you need venture investment. To get that capital there is no better place than SIlicon Valley, the world’s largest innovation ecosystem. By connecting to the Silicon Valley community you give your early stage company access to the talent and financing that can help you take your business to new heights.

But there is no need to physically come to Silicon Valley; we can facilitate your entry into the ecosystem entirely online.

Venture investment, be it from VC firms or corporates, brings with it a host of benefits including support, guidance and the potential to test and validate products and services in real markets with real customers.
How Do We Do VC Fundraising?
We can connect your startup to key decision-makers in the Silicon Valley venture investment community. These firms and individuals are already our clients and partners, working with us to advance innovation through our executive education programs and business development network. Among our top clients are some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Constantly searching for the technologies, ideas and people that can take their business forward, stave off disruption and help them enter new markets, these established organizations turn to us for guidance on how they can deliver on their innovation agendas. They stand ready to invest in the early-stage companies that can help them achieve their goals.

We seek to offer these corporations vetted investment opportunities in mature, enterprise-oriented early-stage companies from the global entrepreneur community.
Our Deliverables
When you work with BrioLink, we do everything we can to connect your startup to the right investors and corporations. The majority of our deliverables are accessible on a remote basis, with no travel required. They include:
  • Written reports describing the investment landscape for your product or service including details on a wide range of potential investor VC firms and corporations
  • Strategy consultations to narrow down a wide field of potential investors to a targeted group most relevant to your company
  • Access to our network and contacts for outreach to strategically selected firms to secure meetings with key decision-makers
  • Roadshows with 10-20 meetings with vetted, qualified investors from the Silicon Valley venture community to make pitches and gain feedback
  • The opportunity to get your startup in front of high-profile members of the Silicon Valley investment industry and validate your business model with our corporate clients