Housing Program
Before the launch of Vision 2030, families in Saudi Arabia could wait up to 15 years to receive housing support. Today, that support is instant.

Families are the cornerstone of a vibrant society, and the Kingdom acknowledges every family's desire to experience the safety and security of owning a home – a haven of comfort, where memories are created and milestones celebrated. By easing access to financial support, streamlining processes and digitizing documentation, homeownership increased from 47% to more than 60% in the end of 2022.
Launched in 2018, the Housing Program is transforming the dream of owning a home into a reality for millions of families across Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is dedicated to facilitating access to affordable, high-quality housing for all citizens and stands as the only country with a national housing strategy program and a specific homeownership target.
The Housing Program's revamp of the Kingdom's housing sector has widened access to finance, streamlined regulations, and introduced diverse market options. Consequently, Saudi Arabia is well on track to achieving its goal of 70% homeownership by 2030, ensuring that all families can eventually own the home of their dreams.

For families that need help to achieve homeownership, the Program established Sakani, which provides personalized housing and financing solutions. Over a million families have been supported by Sakani, with a third now living in their dream home.

For those who rent, the Program launched e-service Ejar, which protects renters from landlord misconduct, while giving landlords credible, enforceable rental contracts. To date, more than 4.5 million leases have been registered.

Numerous real-estate development projects are bolstering Saudi’s current housing shortfall, while providing investment and job opportunities. These projects, combined with the Program’s initiatives and partners, are creating welcoming neighborhoods throughout the Kingdom that bring communities together.
The Housing Program is transforming Saudi Arabia’s housing sector, working to ensure all people in the Kingdom can enjoy better lives in their own homes.
H.E. Mr. Majed Bin Abdullah AlHogail
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Chairman of the Program, Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing, & Member of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs