Get qualified leads while forming genuine long-term relationships with your prospects and customers (while turning your customers into your promoters)
Want new clients?
Briolink delivers qualified B2B leads by digitizing, verifying and expanding your business network

Turn your customers into your best champions to get new business at a lower cost. With Briolink, you can capitalize on the power of referrals by showcasing your achievements verified by your customers and users to have the results speak for themselves

Referral Marketing Programs
Get highly qualified leads routed to you. Leveraging the power of AI, our team of demand generation experts will work with you to fill your pipeline with quality leads
Lead Generation for B2B companies
Our unique service
Our team will help you consolidate your existing business relationships on Briolink and verify them with your partners and customers
The portfolio of your verified relationships will be used to boost our efforts of generating marketing-qualified leads for your business
Your company profile with your portfolio will remain on Briolink to help you bring more leads to you directly in the future
How it works
Close deals with qualified leads delivered by Briolink. The rest of the prospects stay within your Briolink ecosystem for further nurturing
Continue to generate leads as your Briolink ecosystem grows
Our demand generation team will create and run a multi-channel marketing campaign around your Briolink profile targeting your ideal customer
Run multi-channel demand generation campaign
Our team will verify your business relationships with specific people from companies in your business network to maximize the power of your business referrals. The verified successes of your business relationships are now visible to new customer leads
Verify success achievied with existing customers
Our sales development team verifies every lead and onboards the qualified ones to Briolink, making them part of your Briolink ecosystem
Get qualified leads
Our marketing experts will help you build compelling business profile on Briolink with of overview your products and services to attract the most valuable opportunities

Create Briolink profile that everyone will trust
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