Find The World's Best Startups and Grow Your Innovation Portfolio
Accelerate Your Transformation
Utilizing Briolink Innovation Intelligence Platform, our team of analysts performs a customized global startup search, delivering to you the early-stage companies with the most potential to impact your business. Engage with startups, learn from them, supercharge your innovation efforts and come out ahead of disruption.

Fuel Your

Growth Engine

Discover and engage with world-class technology companies. We uncover strategic partners and acquisition targets that will be your growth engine for the next 2-5 years.

Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel

Thousands of startups are already innovating in or around your industry. We enable you to make smarter vendor, partnership, and acquisition decisions by finding solutions that already exist.


Your Industry

Understand the technologies and trends that will drive the growth of your industry and have a clear view of what bets your competition is making.

Get Results With Our Unique Methodology To Source Startups and Emerging Technologies

Our PhD-level researchers combine primary and secondary sources of information to identify under-the-radar emerging technologies and companies. We leverage our Innovation Intelligence Platform and the unique network of direct connections with venture capital, accelerators and experts in Silicon Valley and beyond to discover the hidden gems of emerging solutions and unmatched expertise.

How Does It Work?
Search is only the first step. From the tailor-made database we build for you, we can help you select the most qualified candidates for outreach, engage those candidates on your behalf, and then work with all parties to launch pilot programs.

We are fully digital-ready, meaning all of our work with you can be done online on a remote basis. We will be your partner as you dive deep into the world’s innovation ecosystem.

Tangible Deliverables
We create real value for your company. From scouting reports through to startup showcases and signed agreements of engagement, we are your partner on the innovation journey. The key deliverables of our startup scouting service include:

Showcase Of “The Short List”

Meetings between your key decision-makers and a highly refined shortlist of startups that best solve your business challenges.

Engagement Agreements

Signed engagement agreements from startups approved by you, outlining your new relationship.

Technology & Trends Report

Our consultants’ findings include a segmentation of similar solutions, trend analyses, and actionable insights.

Database Of Startup Profiles

Searchable online database of hundreds of global startups that match your search criteria.

Industry Innovation/Best Practices

Scouting reports with analyses of industry best practices and innovative solutions around your business challenges.  

The Latest Innovation Methodologies

Briefings and workshops on innovation directly from leading practitioners including lean startup, design thinking and design sprints.
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