Verified business relationship

New way to grow your business network

Validate the business relationship from both sides by sending verification requests to whoever you worked with

Verify your success with your clients

Verify your business relationships from all sides and collect them in one place - your profile - to showcase them to your new customers or partners

Create a profile everyone can trust

Company profile with verified business relationships
Building business relationships
Now you can keep your business relationships in one place and have quick access to them

Get more business relationships

company specific service page
All information about the use of your services is automatically verified. You are always in control of what details others can see

Show your services
and how your customers used them

business relationship statistics
Find ecosystems and supply networks similar to the one surrounding your business. Detect communities of closely connected entities in the graph and score their relevance to your business

Analyze the strength
of your business ecosystem

Accept, reject or edit connection requests from other participants. You also control who can see your business relationships outside of your network

Manage your business relationships

business relationship management
company search page for new cooperation
Get intelligent recommendations on how best to expand your network. Receive suggestions about entities similar to the ones your business previously had a positive experience with

Find the most relevant partners and expand your business network

Use Briolink premium services to get started

Use your ecosystem to sell and buy more efficiently

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