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AI-powered Online Content Generator

Automate your content marketing and boost your name recognition by using our AI-powered online content generator. Deliver a constant stream of unique, SEO-optimized publications for your website and social media.

Startup Investment Platform

This solution will enable your company to discover and invest in cutting-edge startups from various industries, driving strategic growth and staying ahead of the competition.

Platform for verifying Business Relationships

Use our solution to establish transparent and trustworthy business relationships. Our platform ensures the verification of business partnerships, building trust and reputation for all involved parties.

Business profile Aggregator

This solution empowers your company to access a wealth of business intelligence, facilitating informed decision-making, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive market analysis.

Document AI Automation

Transform your business operations with Document Automation. This AI-driven tool automates the creation of essential business documents, such as tenders, contracts, and proposals, tailored to your specific needs.

AI-Driven course Generator

Invest in the future of your workforce with the AI-driven training automation. This platform generates personalized courses with AI. All tailored to your industry’s needs.

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Empower Your Business with Strategic AI and Innovation Consulting

Bespoke AI Research

Stay ahead of the curve with AI Insights. Our expert team conducts comprehensive AI research, providing your company with actionable intelligence and strategic recommendations.

Venture studio as a service

Use our venture studio service to create new AI products and services uniqely designed to advance the future of your business.

aI Innovation strategy

Use our experts to comprehensive AI innovation strategies that align with your business goals.

AI Technology scouting

Stay informed with TechSights. We provide specialized research services, delivering insights into the latest technological trends and breakthroughs.

Deal Flow Consulting

Let us help ypu find the most disruptive AI startups. Streamline your deal flow with us by sourcing, evaluating, and executing AI investment opportunities.

AI Product development

Bring your AI-driven solutions to life in no time by using our end-to-end development services, from initial concept to market launch.

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See Our Impact

Development of Daleel News AI-Driven Platform

We developed and launched an AI-powered news website for Daleel, optimized for English and Arabic. We implemented a scalable cloud infrastructure and integrated AI-driven news scrapers and publishing workflows. Each news article is enhanced with AI-generated illustrations through Shutterstock and DALL-E…

Revolutionizing News Media with AI

Briolink developed Saudi Arabia’s first AI-driven media platform, automating content creation and distribution across Telegram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The system also generates tailored images for each post. Since launch, over 3,000 posts have been published, boosting content volume and allowing the editorial team to focus on strategic tasks…

Pioneering Saudi Arabia’s First Car Manufacturing Facility

BrioLink organized a pivotal meeting between the Saudi government and Lucid Motors, showcasing Lucid’s car manufacturing capabilities. This led to the creation of Saudi Arabia’s first car manufacturing facility, generating jobs and boosting economic growth.

Enhancing Automotive Innovation through Strategic Scouting

BrioLink evaluated 107 vendors across 12 automotive categories, providing the International Automotive Component Group with a robust network and streamlined technology acquisition. Our efforts positioned them as leaders in automotive innovation, boosting growth and competitiveness…

Accelerating Siemens’ Clean Energy Ventures

BrioLink fostered key Silicon Valley collaborations, conducted clean energy investment analyses, and scouted startups. This bolstered Siemens Energy Ventures’ capabilities, achieved growth, and strengthened their network, expanding their presence in the clean energy sector…

Accelerating Clean Energy Investments

BrioLink identified and assessed 47 clean energy investment opportunities, conducting in-depth R&D analyses to ensure viability and strategic alignment. This effort significantly accelerated Siemens Financial Services’ clean energy investment pipeline, secured a robust portfolio, and strengthened Siemens’ position in the renewable energy market…