Regional Sales

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Our expertise ensures a smooth journey into untapped territories. With tailored strategies, local insights, and a commitment to your success, partnering with us means unlocking the full potential of regional expansion. Seize the opportunity to thrive in diverse markets—empower your growth story with our Regional Sales services today.


Unparalleled network

Through our years of experience and extensive network of connections, we have forged strong relationships with key authorities, investors, and local businessmen in emerging markets, like Saudi Arabia. This unique advantage allows us to navigate the local landscape smoothly and expedite the market entry process, minimizing barriers and ensuring prompt access to valuable opportunities

Expertise in Local Market Dynamics

Our highly professional team possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of the exponentially growing markets, like Saudi Arabia. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends, regulations, legal framework and cultural nuances, enabling us to tailor strategies and develop effective market entry plans that best suit the unique needs of the companies seeking to expand in the region

Accelerated Sales Growth

Leveraging our strong connections and market expertise, we help companies achieve accelerated sales growth in Saudi Arabia. By providing guidance on pricing strategies, channel development, and effective marketing tactics, we empower our clients to penetrate the market effectively, expand their customer base, and increase their revenue streams in a shorter timeframe.

Business Development Support

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire business development journey, from market research and strategy development to setting up local operations and facilitating partnerships. Our expertise in both the American and Saudi Arabian markets ensures a seamless transition, minimizing risks and maximizing success for our clients.


  • Access to a large and growing consumer base: Saudi Arabia, for example, has a population of over 35 million people, providing our clients with a significant market to tap into
  • Diversification of revenue streams: By entering the emerging, fast growing market, our clients can reduce reliance on domestic markets and mitigating risks associated with economic fluctuations
  • Opportunity for market expansion: Saudi Arabia serves as a gateway to the wider Middle East region, allowing our clients to expand their presence and reach in neighboring countries
  • Strong purchasing power: Saudi Arabia has a high per capita income and a strong purchasing power, enabling our clients to target affluent consumers who are willing to spend on quality products and services
  • Favorable business environment: The Saudi government has been actively implementing reforms to attract foreign investment, making it easier for American companies to establish and operate businesses in the country.
  • Potential for long-term growth: Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative aims to diversify the economy. The companies entering the market early can position themselves for long-term growth and benefit from the country’s economic transformation.


Market Research

We conduct in-depth market research to help your company identify new opportunities and understand the dynamics of your target markets. Our comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights and data-driven strategies for successful market entry.

Demand Generation

With our expertise in demand generation, we create effective marketing campaigns that generate interest and drive demand for your products or services in new markets. We employ innovative tactics to attract and engage potential customers, ensuring a steady flow of leads for your business.

Starting Regional Sales

Our team of experienced professionals provides hands-on support in organizing and establishing regional sales operations. From building a strong network of local partners to developing effective sales strategies, we'll help your company navigate the complexities of new markets and achieve sustainable growth.

Service Contract Sample


Our service fees for assisting companies with starting and developing regional sales in foreign markets can vary based on factors such as the scope of services, market complexity, market potential, and client requirements. At Briolink, we commonly use a fee structure that includes retainer fees, project-based fees, and success-based commissions or bonuses. The exact pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis by assessing specific requirements and the competitive landscape. Retainer fees typically begin at $10,000 per month for a minimum duration of three months, covering costs associated with market research, market entry strategy development, sales team setup, local partner identification, legal compliance, and more.

Our market research approach is tailored to each client, beginning with in-depth analysis of the target market. We gather data on market dynamics, trends, size, growth potential, regulations, and consumer behavior. We utilize our connections to gain valuable insights, identify partners, distributors, and customers. Through primary and secondary research methods, such as surveys, interviews, and analyzing existing reports and resources, we gather accurate information. Our experienced team identifies niche segments and untapped opportunities by analyzing customer preferences, needs, and purchasing power. Finally, we provide a comprehensive market entry strategy with recommendations on pricing, distribution, marketing, and partnerships.

Our team has extensive experience in diverse cultural contexts and quickly adapts to the nuances of the Saudi Arabian market. We build strong relationships and gain trust with key stakeholders by understanding local customs, traditions, and business practices. Additionally, our connections with local authorities, investors, and businessmen help us navigate regulatory challenges. We provide insights on legal requirements, government regulations, and regional market dynamics to keep our clients well-informed. Our expertise in establishing and developing regional sales for American companies aids in overcoming regulatory hurdles. We work closely with our clients to meticulously understand their products or services and align them with Saudi Arabian market demands, while ensuring compliance with local regulations. Our professional team utilizes their proficiency in market analysis and strategic planning to guide our clients through the complexities of market entry and expansion.

Typically, the time frame for visible results may vary depending on various factors, including market conditions, product attractiveness, and the level of local competition. However, our aim is to ensure efficient and effective market entry and development for our clients. We strive to maximize the speed of our operations while maintaining a high level of quality and sustainability in the foreign market.

On average, we have observed that our clients start experiencing initial visible results within 6 to 9 months of engaging our services. During this period, we focus on building solid foundations, establishing key relationships with local authorities, investors, and businessmen, and conducting thorough market research to understand your target audience and competition.