September, 2023

Meeting with National
Technology Development
Program (NTDP)

In a recent meeting with Dr. Ibrahim Neyaz, CEO of the NTDP, held in September, 2023, our team explored promising collaboration opportunities to propel the growth of Saudi Arabia’s startup ecosystem. These opportunities lay in spheres of consulting services on portfolio refining, suggesting focus areas for the upcoming years, and recommending changes or additions to current product lineup, as well as the upscaling of Saudi startups eyeing global expansion, with a particular emphasis on supporting those targeting the lucrative US market. Another sphere of interest worth mentioning is relocation programs. A significant focus emerged on relocation programs under NTDP, aiming to bring diverse companies to Saudi. Dr. Ibrahim expressed interest in introducing accelerators to Saudi, including corporate accelerators.

As we embark on these collaborative ventures, the goal is clear: foster an ecosystem of innovation, scalability, and global impact. Stay tuned for updates as we navigate these exciting paths together.