August, 2023

Meeting with Research,
Development and Innovation
Authority (RDIA)

In a recent engagement with Dr. Rami Niazy, the Chief Operating Officer of the Research, Development and Innovation Authority (RDIA), held in August, 2023, we gained valuable insights into their expansive scope and strategic vision for the next three years.

At the core of RDIA’s mission is to act as a national capability builder, actively engaging in sectors to address their unique needs. Over the next three years, their focus includes creating demand for Research and Development (R&D) and identifying 30 missions, five of which are already “launched” with dedicated structures of funding and leadership.

Dr. Rami emphasized the critical need for executive education.

The most perspective topics for cooperation are:
Technological Innovation: Assistance in team building, development, and creation of new tech to unlock opportunities such as Intellectual Properties (IPs) and Joint Ventures (JVs).

Empowering the R&D Ecosystem: Bringing in companies and investors to strengthen the Research and Development ecosystem.

National Strategy for Digital Innovation: Leveraging expertise to develop a comprehensive digital innovation strategy.