August, 2023

Meeting with the Ministry
of Communications and Information
Technology of Saudi Arabia

IIn a move towards empowering Saudi Arabian talent in the technology and digital landscape, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has founded the Saudi Digital Academy. This innovative initiative aims to bridge the gap between local graduates and the global tech hub, Silicon Valley. We had a chance to meet with Mohammed Alsuhaim, Assistant Deputy Minister for Future Skills & Digital Knowledge at the Ministry of Communications and InformationTechnology & Chief Executive Officer at Saudi Digital Academy in November 2022 and September 2023.

The academy is set to revolutionize the career trajectory of aspiring individuals by offering intensive bootcamps, education, and training courses, culminating in internships at prestigious Silicon Valley tech companies. At the core of the Digital Academy of Saudi’s mission is the commitment to select and nurture pools of students and post-graduates for specialized tech and digital programs. Unlike traditional approaches, the academy prioritizes aligning students with internship positions that match their skills and aspirations rather than forcing them into any available roles. The primary goal is to equip the selected graduates with the necessary skills and experiences to secure coveted positions within Silicon Valley’s tech ecosystem.

To materialize this vision, MCIT is gearing up for the next phase. Plans include proposing contract offers for internship positions in collaboration with interested technology companies. By leveraging existing job announcements, MCIT aims to tailor internship programs to meet the specific requirements of these companies.

As the academy takes its first steps toward shaping the future of tech professionals, the journey promises to be one of collaboration, innovation, and unparalleled success. Stay tuned as MCIT unfolds a new chapter in Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation.