National Industrial Development
and Logistics Program

Saudi Arabia: a country with an unparalleled strategic position linking three continents, a central hub for trade, and abundant in natural resources. Covering sectors such as mining and energy, as well as industry and logistics, the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program is nurturing high-growth areas domestically and fostering an open economy that invites the infusion of foreign capital.

The Kingdom's expedition towards emerging as a foremost industrial powerhouse and a global logistics hub is in its early stages.

ABOUT Project

Launched in 2019, the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program is reshaping the Kingdom into a prominent global player in the energy, mining, logistics, and industry sectors. These burgeoning sectors are diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy, generating quality jobs, and ensuring sustainable growth for future generations.

As a dependable and environmentally conscious energy provider on the global stage, the Kingdom is embracing a new era of sustainability. Through substantial investments in renewable energy solutions such as wind and solar, the Program advocates for a clean energy and low-carbon future, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2060.

In the context of the worldwide push for emission reduction, Saudi Arabia’s minerals, valued at $1.3 trillion, are witnessing significant demand. The Program has implemented noteworthy enhancements to industry regulations and legislation, positioning the Kingdom as a frontrunner in the mining sector.

Harnessing the Kingdom’s strategic advantage as the nexus of three continents, the Program is unlocking Saudi Arabia’s potential as a global logistics hub characterized by efficiency, quality, and speed.

As an integral part of the initiative to bolster the growth of the Kingdom’s premier industrial infrastructure, the recently introduced Strategy for Industry is empowering Saudi Arabia to fortify global supply chains and export cutting-edge products to the world.

Through initiatives like Made in Saudi, aimed at boosting local content in both oil and non-oil sectors, the Program is laying the groundwork for Saudi Arabia’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, utilizing new technologies for the advancement of society.

The National Industrial Development and Logistics Program is transforming Saudi Arabia's economy from top to bottom, creating synergy between vital industries for a future that is prosperous, diversified and robust.

H.E. Mr. Bandar Ibrahim Alkhorayef
Chairman of the Program, Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, & Member of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs